5.Reasons why Africa is in the receiving end of bad omen.

For along time now,we have been listening and hearing,while others dance to the so called Africa is rising song.Here are some reasons that makes this song irrelevant:
*Technological invention is still very poor.
*Potential inventors and innovators aren’t supporting any venture financially.
*Corruption is apast time,for most of the leaders,hence accountability is minimal.
*The continent population still have the consumer mentality and not the producer.

*Natural resources ain’t process locally but is still being shipped to the oversees for processing and manufacturing, yet we can do thins things here.



E.Mutua Secularism and Atheism

  1. The KFCB chairman has been busy bashing and defending what he terms good morals in Christianity,while demonizing groups who don’t belief in any god or gods.He has been claiming the group is bringing and spreading foreign a agenda.What he doesn’t understand is that even the very Christianity he is busy defending is as foreign as the on he is bashing.Recently too, he was on TV giving out directive to artists who he says was erroding and promoting obscene content in the music videos.He gave out the directive to to remove their music from the market.
  2. The question is do this guy,do all this for attention or maybe he is preparing himself politically?
  3. Time will tell,but he must get to his mind that Kenya is a secular state and here ain’t  Rome .
  4. If he really wants to teach morality he better resign and open a seed Church,the 310 style instead of misusing public office to propagate is personal agenda.


Since time in memorial,the only language an employer understands is strike,and no other language is more heard than it,not withstanding the consequences which comes with striking.

Our lawmakers are busy  dishing out blame games,while the opposition is capitalising on the issue as to campaign against the government.

  1. A number of issues are now emerging and the earlier we realise that counties ain’t capable of managing the health sector the better.
  2. At independence there was three major problems that the government promised to alleviate namely disease,illeteracy and poverty.But 53years after independence many citizens are still wallowing in poverty and diseases.
  3. The national government must take charge of the health sector before it’s too late for all of us