What a dancer 

This little girl has talent, the question is who will nurture the talent in her?!. 

The song at the background says ‘jubilee emeet ‘meaning the country is jubilee. 

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S.A government barred from giving religious education in public school. 

The South African Court banned the government from ever teaching religious education in public schools. 

It’s a win for those who have been advocating for the separation of education and religious training, that’s if ever wanted to see innovators of Africa in the near future. Now the children won’t be lied to, of some fictitious guy up there in the Skies watching over alot of problems bedevilling the world while doing nothing. 

Atleast the kids would be judgemental for once in there lives. 

I once asked a friend of mine why we’re misusing our precious time praying for aGod brought by the colonialist, yet us too have our own beliefs. Why don’t the white guys too worship the African God.?! The only answer he gave me was that  blablabla jesus is the way, I asked him says who?! 

The kind of brainwashing which have been done over along period must be undone. If indeed we are to prosper as Africa or better still be optional. 


Kenyans are funny people, we cry over high cost of living yet still we praise the corrupt politicians. 

Neither the opposition or the government politicians are spared in terms of corruption scandals that has befell our great country. They are now busy dividing us in terms of tribes, so as to reap big while we lose, it’s a divisionary tact on their part, so that we won’t ask the real question’s .when they start flocking our residential areas with goodies and bribes, let us open our eyes. 

Unless we make things right by electing visionary leaders, we won’t go anywhere economically if the circle continues. 

How to differentiate between Plastic  rice from true rice. 

  • The debate over whether fake plastic rice has been going on,on twitter for sometime now .Here are some few ways to know if what is your table is plastic or rice. *To confirm fry a small portion of rice in a frying ban, and if it melts then that is plastic rice .
  • When cleaning rice, plastic rice tend to float in water, so be observative. 
  • When you cooking, plastic rice seems no to cook properly and you might blame other factors for it, that it’self is a sign of plastic rice.