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The judges in our Court’s are so much bias and can be bought.

There is this story in the dailies today of a judge in kilifi county who released a suspect of difilement on the basis that the victim seems like she was willing to be defiled.In the evening of also we hear the ruling by the high coat judge me Odunga,the judge which the majority leader in Parliament was accusing of delivering verdicts​favouring the opposition.

What the judge does indeed seems to be working for someone because, the ruling he has been making is facing one trajectory and that is in favor of the opposition.

The country now is watching if this is the kind of judge you expect to deliver afair judgement on anything.

Cholera kills in hours, let’s be careful this rainy season. 

There are reports of cholera outbreak in Nairobi and some parts of western Kenya, don’t wait until its in your doorstep. Let’s treat drinking water, boil water if we can’t afford to buy chlorine solution.