Onyong nyong and Chikungukunya cause havoc in the coast. 


-is a nilotic word from Sudan and Uganda. It means weakening of the joints. 

The virus is spread specifically by anophlese mosquito. It bites during the night. 


+Muscle pain 


+Rashes all over the body 

+Eye pain 

+Chest pain 

+Lymphatic pain. 


-Drain stagnant water 

-Clear bushes 

-Sleep under mosquito nets or use mosquito repellant fella. 

-Use screen on doors and windows 

-Seek medical assistance in case you have the above symptoms. 


-originates from the Kimakonde people of Tanzania. It means ‘to become contorted stooped appearance of sufferer’s with joint pain’s.

It is spread by Aedes mosquito and it’s biting hours is daytime.

So far no cure or vaccines for the disease. 


*abrupt onset of fever. 

*muscle pain’s .

*headache .




*Joint pain’s -for days or weeks. 

Prevention and cure 

-no cure 

-use mosquito repellants 

-drain stagnant water 

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