Nigerian president running away again to England for further medical examination

President Buhari is destined to leave the country for further medical examinations due to his unending deteriorating health.The common Man is left to fend for himself when it comes to medical matters.The medical facilities in the country is in shambolic state and the government isn’t​ eager nor prepared to modernize the facilities, but run to foreign countries for their medical check ups.


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4 thoughts on “Nigerian president running away again to England for further medical examination”

  1. If only you people know how bad is the medical attention in Britain. you should live here then you will know. Good luck to him


    1. What we are complaining of is the leadership of Africa failing to build medical facilities in the country that they come from,then they go for medication in foreign countries, it’s really shameful

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      1. I understand you perfectly, but if those leaders think they are coming to a Britain where they will be cured, they will die quickly because even Britain is not building their health industry and its nation who has the money are going elsewhere for treatment. Like my grandmother would say “your little hut is your home, it is better than the big mansion of somebody else.” and a lot of people don’t know this saying. lots of people are dreaming of coming to Britain, I take pity of them. My daughter is British, she is very educated and graduated, she is packing up from so called Britain because she cannot see a green light, the government does not provide any for them. And their dreams of travelling European Union countries have come to an end, it is painful for them. The outside world don’t know how the youths who loves Europe feels about it. My advice for those who wants to come in, “please keep your children away from coming and growing up in Britain, just erase this dream.” this is my advice to them! some people think of the currency pounds sterling, but life is not about a currency, it is about HAPPINESS. Thank you


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