Little known Macron flows Le Pen

The world is at shock after ayoung French president is elected, despite many underrating his credentials.Mr Macron of En Mache apart he launch barely a year ago and pundits dismissing him as non starter wins the French presidency with a bang.


Author: Tarono's

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2 thoughts on “Little known Macron flows Le Pen”

  1. with ease he did,. the French are wise. They need Europe. They have seen the destruction of Britain towards Brexit and the French outsted Le Penn. They need to wipe out the political party of Le Penn from the map of France. She is a snail that will suck to try and pull France out of European Union. It is time to stop her and make her leave the political career and disappear from the eyes of the French public. She is a racist bigot who think she doesn’t need the world. Personally I am glad she did not succeed.

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