Who’s sins did this died for now?!

Humanity must be categorical in who is who is there inspiration


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7 thoughts on “Who’s sins did this died for now?!”

  1. There are ways to work around these animals to make they know you and who you are. There are many ways to make be scary of farms. But crucifying or killing them is a crime. if this picture is passed around, until the charity for animal cruelty finds out, whoever did this will be arrested. If I were you, I wouldn’t even put a picture like this. because it can also damage the reputation of your blog, and mostly you know people from the West can even stop following you because they will think you allow cruelty against animals. This is my points of views, I am not against you. The world reads your blog. Thank you.

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    1. I only posted for everyone to see what humans are capable of, I’m not supporting the act, I just wanted to know what people think about it. Though we humans are hypocrites in terms of some issues, how many people are being killed each and everyday yet we don’t tackle the problem once and for all. We must be sincere to ourselves and our beliefs but not preaching water during the day while drinking wine during the night.

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