“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming “David Bowie 

As we continue to watch the holabaloo of our politicians fighting for the carcass that’s the meat 🍖 ,the common folk is being dragged in circles. Very soon drums of war would be beaten by the same scammy politicians and they would be the first to jet out of the country, while you and i would be left in shambles. We must know more than to be abused and misused by the power obsessed politicians who would use the tribe card to devide us for they ,to get into power. 

We must stand firm and resist to be used to tear apart our country. This goes to the youths of this country, in this eight months before the general election, politicians would throng our neighborhood with money and inciting you against his supposed opponent. 

This we must eat those money and tell him or her to go hug a transformer. 

When the d day arrives, the door must be open for him or her to get out. 

We are the employers of them and we must show the door to underperfoming staff. Chatterboxing and wailing at the top of your lungs won’t deter the wrath of the electorate. #firimbimovement#badomapambano#bust all this won’t take us anywhere. 


Author: Tarono's

I'm, a freelance writer, Virtual Assistant, does data entry, article writing transcription etc.

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