Your Eyes and Your Attraction: Using What You Got

Add let the eyes do the talking

Deserve the Greatest

You would probably think by the title, “F this. I know how to look into people’s eyes. You’re so basic and just want visitors and attention!”

But that’s not the case, because that same basic knowledge of eye contact has been disintegrating as more and more people are looking at their smart phones and forgetting how to properly interact with our fellow human beings.

Yes, things like eye contact should be naturally executed, but the fact is, we’re not using it to its full intent for the simple fact that the same “natural execution” disintegrate as we become socially impair through (ironically) today’s technology.

Although most people are actually good listeners and do naturally know how to look at the person when they talk, when it comes to being attracted to someone we like, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Yes, when it comes to meeting someone we’re physically attracted to…

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