Sustaining Our Human Bodies with Sustainable Selfcare™

Health is king,you can do nothing without it.

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We were all gifted Sustainable Human Bodies on our appearance day – when we were born.

Why do so many of us seem to have forgotten? Our creator, that incredible Source that has created so much perfection, complexity and genius and this renewable pattern of Love Intelligence that pulsates through our bodies is obviously more advanced than drug companies, doctors, and our own mind. I believe we should be doing our research for improving health and well-being in the areas of mind, body, spirit medicine. So I have been. Recognizing firsthand just how sustainable our bodies are inspired me to start teaching a class a couple of years ago called Sustainable Selfcare™. Sometimes I call it Sustainable and Spiritual Selfcare™ since we really cannot leave out the spirit part if we are to address the true needs of our human bodies.

As I’ve learned to help others on their healing…

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