Seven of the Best Skincare Rules to Follow

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Following up on yesterday’s post Skin Destroyers: Avoid These Pitfalls, I thought I would post some skincare rules we should all be following.  As a former esthetician, I’ve seen it all.  From people with red, angry skin from leaving harsh face masques on too long, to those with serious scarring from picking at acne relentlessly, skin care is something everyone should fully understand.

As we take care of ourselves by hydrating properly with lots of water and eating nutritious food to keep us healthy and energized, we can boost the positive effects of these practices by taking a few steps to baby and protect our skin. It’s natural to want to pick at a huge pimple in desperation, hoping that squeezing it to death will miraculously make it disappear. It’s also understandable to want to discover that miracle skin scream that will reverse the “ravages of time” and bestow…

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