Our body is a vehicle for consciousness.

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Amit Goswami, a theoretical quantum physicist and one of the pioneers in the field of consciousness, writes of the five bodies of consciousness.

Each body has its own individuality and it is ruled by consciousness in a “downward causation,” Dr. Goswami says. He breaks the five bodies down this way:  The physical (our body), Vital (emotions), Mental (thoughts), and the Supramental (intellect) body (love, Higher Self); and the Bliss body or the body of divine Conscoiusness.

John Veltheim, founder of the BodyTalk System, explains the five bodies in his Finding Health Class and examines the way healing takes place from the “top” down and not the other way around.

So this is why just looking at the body from the physiological point of view will often lead us away from the cure or away from actual healing. Symptoms going away are often just a sign that the first aid worked…

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