How You Think is How You Feel

You are your own master in your life.Be conscious on what you think and do.

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“Every day, every waking second we are either creating health or disease with our thoughts, emotions, speech and actions.” Joseph Michael Levry , book, The Divine Doctor

Everything in this statement reveals what I’ve been seeing in my health and wellness practice over the past five years. I’m relatively new to the healing arts, though the first type of healthcare I learned was Consciousness-based healing so I got to start at the graduate school level of healing and medicine. I see the PhD level of health and healing as  Selfcare – and that’s the next level humans will evolve into. This self-healing is a new paradigm shift that was a scary place to go for me. I’m not talking about healing that relies on our own self as the only possible solution – I just mean healthcare where we see that something within us is holding a pattern of physical…

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