High Blood Pressure? Migraine?

Dont try this,i beg

Late~Night Ruminations

Why not try drilling a hole in your head?

This practice of relieving pressure on the brain has been around since the stone age. Evidence has been unearthed of neolithic skulls with the tell-tale hole, making this perhaps the oldest surgical method in existence. Hippocrates (400 BC) endorsed the practice of trepanation in his text “On Injuries To The Head,” to alleviate head wounds. In the Middle Ages, those unfortunately possessed by demons could exorcise them from the head using this method. During the Renaissance, one was assured of curing epilepsy, meningitis, high blood pressure, or just a really bad headache this way. Well, so the practitioner said.


Today – yes, today – there are people trying to get to a higher level of consciousness and will undergo the trepanation procedure. The process is said to increase blood flow to the head, improve focus, and a feeling of increased consciousness.

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