Total Oxidation of a 17 carbon fatty acid, including oxidation of the resulting Propionyl CoA

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Let’s use the basic calculations described in previous posts about this issue:


Beta-oxidation of  fatty acids with an odd number of carbons.


Energetic balance of the total (and I mean total) oxidation of a fatty acid with an odd number of carbons.


Oxidation of a fatty acid with 17 atoms of carbon.



Activation of the fatty acid to Acyl CoA = -2 ATP


Number of rounds in the Beta oxidation

(17/2) -1.5 = 8.5-1.5 = 7

7 rounds x  5 ATP/ round = 35 ATP


Number of units of Acetyl CoA produced = 7 Acetyl CoA

7 Acetyl CoA x 12 ATP/Acetyl CoA  = 84 ATP


Propionyl CoA up to Succinyl CoA = -1ATP


Succinyl CoA up to Malate = 3 ATP


Malate up to Pyruvate (1 NADPH.H+)


Pyruvate up to Acetyl Co A = 3 ATP


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