New Lights on Dragon Metabolism

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AMP. – Nogare, April, 1st:  A scientific team of Komodo University has reported today the discovery of a gen, in the mitochondria of salivary glands of Komodo’s dragon, that apparently was the responsible of the release of thermal energy in ancient dragons.


This gen that is not expressed in nowadays dragons apparently codifies the production of Dragogenin, a multifunctional protein involved in the production of heat.


This protein was produced in the laboratories of Nogare branch of Komodo University, by the insertion of the gen in E. coli. This multifunctional protein is formed by three different subunits: Subunit DgA, which shows what have been called “a pseudo-NADH.H+ dehydrogenase activity”, subunit DgB, with an activity very similar to cytochrome oxidase, and DgC, a transmembrane protein that acts as channel used for the return of protons from the intermembane space to the mitochondrial matrix.


The NADH.H+ dehydrogenase…

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