Sukuma Wiki+ Rice Rolls

A Kitchen In Uganda

Hello friends! Sorry for the week-long hiatus. There are circumstances that are just unavoidable! Anyways I hope you had a great week. So lately I have been craving kim bap…so much that I wish we had seaweed here! I realize I am digressing.

I am a veggies person, at least I think so (ha!) but there are times when eating a certain kind of food the same way over and over again starts to somehow get boring. I feel that is my relationship with kale/collard greens (By the way I went online, Wikipedia to be exact, to search for the difference between kale and collard greens and surprisingly after reading the articles, the lines were still blurred! So for now, let us just call these darling greens collard). So I set out to find a different way of enjoying the greens and so this recipe happened. I am really…

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