Running tips for beginners and jogging stroller users

I did my first 10K race just over a year or so ago. Joseph was just 4 months old and I don’t know what I was trying to prove but I did it. I finished in just under an hour according to my Nike Running app, although disappointingly, 60:52 minutes was the official time. I vowed to sign up for another straight away.

15-06 running 1

Fast forward to a year later and I’ve only just registered for my second. I’m not what anyone would call a natural runner. I don’t enjoy it that much but I do like how my body gets stronger and fitter through training, and it does wonders for my legs.

I try to get my runs in before breakfast but at least once a week I have to take Joe out with me. I’ve learnt to appreciate these ones because although I absolutely hate them at the…

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