Carrot Cucumber Ribbon Salad with Roasted Simsim(Sesame)

A Kitchen In Uganda

After wondering whether we would ever see rain, it finally came. Its amazing what two(plus) weeks of rain can do to dry land. It’s as if the land was never dry at all. The grass is so green, the sun rays are more golden, the flowers are in full bloom and everyone hates the mud that comes along with the rain is in the mood of getting back to tending their backyard gardens! Such a wonderful time. Even the markets are filled with beautiful vegetables at a much lesser price! It was only fitting to share a salad.

It was in 2013 October when I lost my camera(I even wrote about it here). I was so devastated since it was one I got from actually working really hard. But in losing that camera, I gained an even greater thing(I am realizing this almost two years later!!), the peeler. it…

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