Pilau recipe 1
– Boiled 1/2 kg beef( boil in salt and garlic)
– rice 1/2 kg
– 2 large red onions chopped
– 6 cloves garlic crushed
– 5 medium size potatoes peeled and halved.
– 2 tablespoons pilau masala..ground.
– 2 tablespoons tomato paste
– salt to taste
– add the oil in a sufuria and let it heat up before adding the diced red onions and garlic. Let this cook until brown ( not golden brown nor burnt) then add the already boiled beef. Let it fry in the mix for a minute then add the potatoes. Mix well and let the potatoes fry for a minute than add 1/8 glass of water- this is to avoid the onions from burning. – cover the sufuria and let the mixture cook for two minutes then add the pilau masala, salt and the tomato paste. Mix well…

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