Ebola virus is spreading like bushfire,infact the manner is being handled and the spread of the vicious disease,reminds one of the fiction movie series Resident evil of the virus called t-virus.What doesnt add up is the way the WHO had been handling the disease since it was discovered three decades,and they havent any drug for the disease.Just look at disease like HIV which was discovered in 1982 and is already having immense development of drug innovation and invention.If not for well of countries like United States i wonder what the residence of other nation would be?.


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One thought on “Health”

  1. Now the goverment of Kenya,has suspended all flights to and fro West African countries:Liberia,siera leone,and Guenea because of the scourge caused by virus.The national airline carrier Kenya Airways and all other airlines have been instructed to stop going that route until the containment of the disease have been attainned.what isnt clear is does the korean airline will resume its flights to Kenya having announced to suspend the flights because of KQ flights to west Africa.I guess its amatter of wait and see.


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