Why lifestyle diseaseswp-1491263654886.jpg like diabetes,hypertension,high bloodpressure etc is attacking us left, right and centre is alarming.Statistical the deaths is occuring  due to what experts termed it, lifestyle disease.The death’s  caused by ourselves is exeeding those caused by virus or bacteria.

 Now, while these is happening, many people dont event care to gauge what they consume into their systems.Go every eatery around town and you would be shocked ate what people are consuming.

*Grilled chicken bred in a month, by drugs and also the kind of spices being applied to it during the grilling exercise,makes it more yummy in the outside but do more harm to our bodies in the inside.

*Exercising for some is a thing of the past. Due there is no playing ground, many fear being seen running by the roadside.

*We fear eating green’s because these days it’s associated with brokeness ‘Umwani’.

*We love copying what others are doing or eating, that’s human behavior, so as to fit in the society status.



Can you beat my score?


Hardly anyone can correctly identify these 9 African countries on a map. Can you? 

I just tried it and thought you would be up for the challenge too. 

There’s an important reason I’m sharing this, but you’ll need to play the game to find out what that is!

Njagua aka Jaguar asks IEBC to relocate to Kicc.

Kigeugeu hit singer  turn MP Hon Njagua Kanyi aka Jaguar,
 has penned a letter to the Kenyan electoral body Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission proposing they moved their Headquarters from CBD to KICC area.

This must have been catalyst by the demonstration which have been witnessed in the capital for sometime now over the nullified elections held on 8/8/2017 by the Supreme Court of kenya.

Whether IEBC with heed his advice,no one knows.